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Object Based Image Analysis

Imagine the world we live in as a sum of objects as the human brain aknowledges them. Imagine a computer could see the same. Imagine we would have the world object based. What would you do with them?


Data, webservices and analytics are as important for a comprehensive setup. Quarticle is covering geodata engineering, software developement and webservices as well as analytics.


We love usable products. We dice complex problems in small and containable issues. 
A product is as good as a user can consume and can describe it. We belive UX is the groundstone of IT services and products.

What else we provide?

Global coverage

We provide services, analytics and data with global coverage.

Coffee & Fun

Come and visit us in our offices and we'll be ready to demonstrate you about the Life of a Coffee @ Quarticle.


Quarticle is a geo oriented software development company and a service provider. Our customers are both product and services consumers.

Who we are

Quarticle is a young and innovative company founded to fill in the gap between Geoinformatics, Cloud Computing and Remote Sensing. The idea came to Octavian Iercan when teaching for the first time at the University of Timisoara. Leveraging the knowhow of remote sensing research with geoinformatics and cloud computing seems the sensible step to take for closing the gap between remotely sensed data, geo software and business consumers.

Open Source
Remote sensing
Product Development

About us

We are a software development company with our development center are in Arad/Timișoara and we collaborate with the University of  Timisoara in research projects. Our core competence is Cloud Computing, GEO Software Development as well as Geodata Processing.

Find us in Timișoara:


Strada Gheorghe Lazar nr.9 

Quarticle Research Srl
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